SAM UK offer SophosLabs™ licensing. SophosLabs™ has combined virus, spyware, intrusion and spam expertise, to ensure the quickest response and the best protection available.

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Sophos Labs School Software

Key Products & Benefits

Virus, spyware, adware and unwanted application protection
Sophostm solutions deploy easily, require minimal management and are simple to use. All Sophos customers benefit from SophosLabs, which has the fastest response in the industry to emerging threats. Sophos Anti-Virus stops viruses, Trojans, spyware, adware and worms.

Complementary endpoint, encryption, email, web and NAC solutions

Endpoint – Protect your computers against malware and stop loss of sensitive data – without stretching your anti-virus budget
Encryption – Protect your confidential information and comply with regulatory mandates – safely and securely
Web – Enable safe web browsing and manage employee productivity on the Internet
Email – Stop spam, phishing, malware and data loss – simply and effectively

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