Notion Music

Notion Music

SAM UK have teamed up with Notion Music to offer you innovative audio software that allows anyone to create, perform with, and explore music. It’s fun, it’s inexpensive and you will be amazed at how you can fulfil your creative potential! Music composition and recording software is now affordable and works on a Mac or PC.

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Notion School Software

Key Products & Benefits

Notion 3.0

Discover why Sibelius software users are turning to Notion: Winner of the Electronic Musician Editor’s Choice Award and proclaimed as “the closest thing to a Photoshop quality solution for notation and playback” by Computer Shopper magazine.

Notion Music is ideal for schools who need applications for musical depth or experience that they might not have at their disposal. You compose, conduct, perform, teach, and learn music instantly and effortlessly. Full Package.

Protege 2.0

Protege 2.0 gives you the sounds of the London Symphony Orchestra, recorded at Abbey Road Studios.

For smaller budgets, Protege 2.0 offers fun learning opportunities to school-age musicians. Record up to 8 instrument tracks of music per composition as well as enjoying the sounds of the London Symphony Orchestra. Using this essential music composition software, your music can be seen, heard, and changed with immediate, realistic feedback. It is audio software at its very best. It is also a fantastic accompaniment tool, allowing your pupils to enjoy making music together.

Progression Guitar Software

Learn, Record and Create Your Own Technique.

Looking for Guitar software for schools? Learn how to play guitar with an easy-to-use software interface, intuitive notation system and visual help every step of the way. Students will enjoy learning new skills with Progression.

PROGRESSION features bass and drum samples from Grammy Award Winners Victor and Roy Wooten and guitar samples from virtuoso guitarist Neil Zaza.

Each instrument’s string has been sampled individually up the fretboard with multiple dynamic layers to deliver impeccable realism. PROGRESSION’s sample library includes electric and acoustic guitar, electric and upright bass, drum set, piano, clavinet, and Fender Rhodes® keyboard.

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