End of Support for Windows XP

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Windows XP and Office 2003 will reach end of extended support on 8th April 2014. After this date, Microsoft will no longer provide public support for these products such as security patches, non-security hotfixes and incident support.

Windows XP is now more than 11 years old and three generations of Windows operating system have been released in recent years.

Moving from Windows XP is Now Urgent

Technology is always moving forward and it is natural that many schools and charities may still be using old infrastructure. It is advised that you begin the migration process to a modern desktop with Windows 7 or Windows 8. This will ensure that you remain on supported versions of Windows and Office software.

We can help your charity or school make the transition. Contact us on 02895 810 850 today or email our team at sales@sam-uk.org.

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Benefits of Windows 7 and 8 over Windows XP

Customers who have not yet started migrating their operating system to the newer version should consider doing so immediately.

Windows 7 Benefits over Windows XP:

  • Improved Productivity: Users can expect a higher performance and responsiveness plus a modern user interface and improved search using Windows 7
  • Improved Data Protection and Security: The use of Bitlocker Drive Encryption and Bitlocker to Go for USB memory keys results in higher levels of data protection and security
  • New Features: Features such as Applocker, DirectAccess, PowerShell and many others increase user productivity and mobility while helping to save costs and ensure high standards on data protection, security and manageability

Windows 8 Offers Further Benefits Such As…

  • Superior Tablets for Users: Windows 8 delivers a touch-first experience along with full support for mouse and keyboard, giving the convenience of a tablet AND a PC on a single device. Windows 8 apps provide access to enterprise data to groups of users quickly ad securely
  • Windows To Go: Mobile Windows 8 users can securely access their environments remotely on a USB drive. A Windows To Go USB stick can also be used to help accelerate adoption of Windows 8 on existing hardware
  • Improved Direct Access: Direct Access provides users with full access to their network (e.g. shared folders, intranets, Sharepoint sites) by simply connecting to the internet.
  • Enhanced end-to-end Security: Security from malicious code, software and other threats has been improved through SecureBoot, BitLocker, SmartScreen and other dynamic tools
  • Management and Virtualisation Advancements: A virtualised Windows 8 desktop support touch screen, 3D graphics, full mutimedia and USB ports on the local client device
  • Prepare Students for the Future: Learn how to optimise technology in the classroom for students who will be using these productivity tools in the future

Why Windows 8?

The latest version of Windows was updated to become Windows 8.1 which is loaded with features to make your life and job much easier. The free Windows 8.1 is available through the Windows Store or Volume Licensing.

Here are just a few of the new feature:

  • Start Button: Get to your Start screen even easier by clicking the Start button on your desktop or customise it to go to the Apps view. It’s all about using it the way you want it.
  • Boot to Desktop: Choose the experience that’s right for you. Boot directly to the familiar desktop environment you are currently using or boot to the Start screen.
  • Start Screen Sync: Your files, start screen layout, apps and their settings, and other personalisation automatically syncs across all your Windows 8.1 devices. So once you’ve set your Start screen on your laptop, the same Start will appear on your tablet and PC.
  • Enhanced Search: Just start typing on the Start screen and Windows 8.1 will retrieve results in a beautiful curated app-like experience that brings together everything on the PC, my SkyDrive and the web into one place.

Why Upgrade to Windows 8.1?

• Productivity & Compatibility • Device Convenience & Mobility
• Enhance Performance • Connected
• More Personal • Integration


Make life easier for yourself. Contact us on 02895 810 850 today or email our team at sales@sam-uk.org to upgrade to Windows 8 today.

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Eliminate Risks of Windows XP as an Unsupported OS

The risks of continuing to use Windows XP as an unsupported platform are very significant:

  • Data Security and Protection: Your computer will be open to malicious threats as your data will no longer be protected and secure
  • Legal & Regulatory Risk: Your school or charity may be required to maintain its systems to protect sensitive information. Security holes are are not acceptable and should be eliminated
  • Reduced Choice: Many PC models and independent software providers no longer provide support for Windows XP, including Office 2013. This means that Windows XP users will no longer be able to use certain software.

How Do I Move From Windows XP?

As a Microsoft Partner since 2003, SAM UK (Software Asset Management UK) have forged a strong working partnership with the local Microsoft team by demonstrating best-in-class solutions to customers in the charity and education sectors.

We’re Here to Help:

Our specialised team can help make the transition as easy as possible with little disruption to day-to-day use of your software. We understand that change can be difficult but technology is constantly evolving and providing more enhance and improved benefits for you and your team.

Contact us on 02895 810 850 today or email our team at sales@sam-uk.org.

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