Why Irish Parents Should Read This Windows 7 Buying Guide

There are so many articles being written this week on Windows 7 that it’s possible the most important issue will be missed: The Price.

Obviously, the price of software is always higher for businesses than for home users.

Any retailer can sell home user software but only Official Microsoft Partners like SAMI and Software4Students are allowed to arrange volume licensing agreements or sell to parents and guardians via an academic home user licence in Ireland.

Let’s take a look at the prices around the web for Windows 7 Ultimate Upgrade.

Windows 7 Ultimate Upgrade has a RRP (Recommended Retail Price) in Ireland of €299.99 and most retailers will discount this to some degree.

It’s also worth noting that even OEM versions for PC builders, available from PC hardware retailers, are still more expensive than the Software4Students deal.

this article is aimed squarely at people who do not use Genuine Microsoft Software.

No-one can hide the fact that fast broadband speeds have enabled software piracy on an unprecedented scale.

On the one hand people are struggling to find jobs during a recession and yet on the other, people are not respecting intellectual property and copyright, thinking that illegal downloading is a victimless crime.

Thousands of people in Ireland employed throughout the IT and knowledge economy would argue differently.

Buying official software or paying for goods or services online generally is not only good for economic recovery in the short term, it sets an example for the next generation in the long term.

Corporate greed is always an emotive issue.

For home users, the fact remains that Win7 Ultimate for €118.45 represents incredible value for money when you consider that you’ll likely use the software nearly every day for several years.

Even putting all the above aside, using non-genuine operating systems is such a massive security risk that unless you plan on never connecting to the internet, it’s simply a terrible idea.

It’s a bit like taking the lock off your front door where you live and in some cases, removing the front and back doors altogether!

If your school, college or university is interested in Microsoft volume licensing and Windows 7, please contact SAMI today.